An Overview of Beer Cocktails from Southern France

Beer cocktails from southern France

Tango on the left Monaco on the right

Tango and Monaco, almost sounds like a cheap cop show, the down and out cop and his trusty dog Monaco, why not two parrots.

While recently in southern France we seen a lot of people drinking what we assumed to be red beer, after many questions in broken French we found that there are there are two variations of red beer generic not only to France but other Mediterranean countries.

A light coloured lager with a shot of Grenadine.

A light coloured lager shandy 50/50 with sprite or 7up with a shot of grenadine.

How much is a shot of grenadine? Well grenadine is pretty sweet and as its heavier than beer so it will sink to the bottom of the glass, the last slurp will be unusually sweet for the average beer drinker.

I thought the Monaco shandy tasted better it had more of a balanced taste rather than sweetened beer.

I think one extra ingredient is essential, summer-both are refreshing summer drinks suited to hot weather, sunshine or relaxing after the beach al fresco.

There are other beer cocktail alternatives available on the menus if you look for them

Panaché, beer shandy

Gommé, beer flavoured with gum syrup

Demi Pêche, a variation on the German radler, weiss bier with peach syrup.

Thirst quenching beer cocktails/drinks great for lounging around during summer. 



  1. It gives you a bit of an insight on what the other al fresco guests are drinking.

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