Kajen "the Quay" Nacka Strand

Kajen, Nacka Strand 

Future Vision

Finding new and worthwhile challenges during the Corona pandemic hasn't been a walk in the park.This little property development challenge has turned into a multi facetted project with new and complex challenges during pre-opening, opening, and operational fazes as we move towards our long term goal in the above artist impression.
A year round waterfront quay in Nacka "almost central Stockholm"    

Pergola Building

The placement and building of our restaurant pergola was the first building block to be completed, here is work in progress, tucked between two buildings direkt on the quay, Blockhusudden & Djurgården lie directly opposite the build. The pergola became our restaurant, now upon its completion it is weatherproof and will serve us as a dining room long into our fast approaching winter. 

Sail by

Big Ships come sailing by. During summer Stockholms waterways are a hive of activities with a seldom seen array of pleasure craft, ferries and cruise liners, they all seem to pass by us offering a panoramic view just as magnetic as watching an open fire.
Sitting on the quay watching the world pass by is a summer pastime, offering Food and beverage from our Pergola has caught on fast with the locals and an ever increasing hoard of regulars.  

Top box kitchen

Top Box Unit, 
Our new kitchen has arrived. A Finnish designed container sized kitchen unit that was to serve our outside pergola. A pretty smart unit, a great little and versatile idea, it even looks great. Drop down the roof, lock it up and the kitchen is closed. As with many great ideas it seemed a bit too quickly put together. 

Open for business

Our top box unit arrived empty, our opening deadline was just two weeks away, so there was a lot of activity to connect in water drainage and electrics, we coupled it straight into our existing utilities.
Then we had to rouse up some equipment that would suit our upcoming ideas.
It was all a bit challenging in the middle of corona time, some suppliers, manufacturers and equipment wasn't available or the delivery times were so unrealistic that our options weren't so great and times it was very frustrating process.   

The view from the quay

The entrance into Stockholm harbour between Nacka Strand and Djurgården, the quay offers the perfect viewing platform to watch the world sail by.

Menu selections a la quay

During the summer we have changed and updated our restaurant concept constantly, we started of as a fast food/street food concept with predominantly single use eco friendly disposables, this quickly was updated to  porcelain and cutlery.
We complimented our a la carte menu with a selection of daily specials, vegen/vegetarian dishes and special events and theme nights, one regular event was our seafood boat from which we served seafood platters.
Now as we move towards autumn and colder weather more soups and seasonal mushrooms as well as local vegetables and game meat will be featured on both our a la carte and daily specials.

The latest addition

The latest addition to our ever changing work place is this impressive champagne and seafood raw bar trailer, its popular to choose from our menu then sit in our heated pergola.
Here we feature a selection of local seafood specialities as well as an international luxury selection. we purchased a Merry Chef oven to be able to offer a grilled selection as well, it works fantastically well and super fast as well. As well as our seafood selection we offer a selection of vintage and non vintage champagne, a great start to the day.



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