Strand 35

Feb 2020 when the impact of the corona virus started to effect the hotel and restaurant industry here in Sweden, all my external and pre booked consultancy work in the industry was canceled the thought of new opportunities disappeared overnight.
Luckily for me a good friend decided to take a chance and bought a run down summer restaurant which is now open and a thriving business.
Strand 35 in Södra Ängby.
The restaurant situated on the local beach had a lot of potential and had been extremely busy during previous summers. But now it needed a lot of work to bring it up to an operational standard, it was run down with old and faulty equipment and extremely dirty. 

 The hot kitchen, we pulled the hot kitchen apart and replaced most of the unusable equipment with new or budgeted second hand goods. The electrics and lighting needed to be re wired and replaced.

The finished hot kitchen, a simple oven, a two plate stove, a flat top griddle and fryer with some fridges and stable work benches. A short order cooks challenge, on a good day 4-500 plates, full power all day, the kitchen is suitable for one good go it alone adrenaline chef or a coordinated duo, one alone without the adrenaline or two without the coordinated flow doesn't work.   

The cold kitchen: finished, reorganised and cleaned, now featuring an open pass for ease of cold food service.

Reshaping behind the bar, pull out all the equipment check the electrics and plumbing, remodel and renew the area, clean out the floor drains the first time in many years. repaint and replace new and existing equipment that survived the purge.

We covered the whole wall with plywood, i was a bit sceptical at first, but I have to admit that I was wrong and it came out really well and looked very fresh and new.

The bar from the outside, its changed again over the past weeks, improving all the time, it feels good when so many regulars find their way back to us again and comment on how well the improvements look.

Turning on the grill, a Dutch Ofry grill. A large model two people can easily prepare and grill food for 50-70 people.
With a practiced team, experience & no corona limits 200 covers would be an achievable goal.

Again the Ofry this time with a load on, if I'm critical I think the hole is too big and too much heat escapes, the rack is also too high of the fire, an Ofry this big burns a lot of fuel during a 4+hour service and tends to smoke a lot. As an eye piece its a winner, when it's used for large bookings it takes a lot of pressure of the kitchen.

Outside at Strand 35 a mingle area, live stage, dining area and function bar, it looks like its going to be a busy summer.


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