A Holiday in Tuscany, Italy

Italy - Tuscan Holiday

Pinocchio still lives on in his home provence of Tuscany
The Pinocchio saga was written by Carlo Collodi in 1881.
Pinocchoi was a wooden puppet carved by Geppetto, Pinocchio eventually came to life as a small boy and as he grew he fell in with some bad lads who led him astray, he started to lie to Geppatto and others, as the lying increased so grew his nose.
Pinocchio went off the deep end and was eventually executed by his enemies the fox and cat, he was turned back into a wooden puppet by a cold north wind.
wooden Pinocchio puppets are a common souvenir and make a plesant change from the plastic scrap.

Museo del Balsamico Tradizionale Spilamberto
For the uninitiated a trip to a vinegar museum may not seem like an inspiring museum visit but if you are interested in food then you should think twice.
Take the tour slow and easy just like slow food, the museum and tour are full of background & cultural information.
You'll think twice before buying your next supermarket balsamico. The museum is situated in Spilamberto just outside Moderna.

Food porn at Greve in Chianti
Macelleria Falorni, the charcuterie boutique on the "prime side" of the main village square in Greve in Chianti and is well worth a long study perusal, a butcher charcuterie shop with a long history full of old and interesting photos plus an over indulgence of all thats good from the region, don't forget the cheese cellar downstairs.

Full bodied Chianti
Greve in Chianti, a little picturesque village, just how all the tourist brochures describe little villages in Italy. Greve in Chianti lies in the middle of Tuscany and is surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards, the Enoteca Falorni wine shop is well wort a visit here you can buy a tasting card and taste away the best that Tuscany has to offer, here there are lots of wine tasting groups and advice to help get a grip on the somewhat daunting selection, just knowing where to start is difficult.
The town square is full of small cafes and restaurants that seem well aware of how to cash in on their quality location.

Ice cream popsicles
For the best lunch in Florence i recommend visiting the Mercardo Central de Florencia, its still full of locals and tourists, but here you can browse around and select exactly what local goodies you'd like to try. Here you have the opportunity to get up close to the chefs & butik personal and ask them all the food questions your restaurant waiter doesn't know or not interested in.
Relaxing and comfortable seating make it perfect for grazing between the food stalls and pop up restaurants. 

market focaccia

Writing the next menu is easier if you're in an inspirational place a great market always does it for me, fresh local seasonal produce at its best. zucchini focaccia is a big local winner, but steal the idea and it may not work in another country. don't think anyone will disagree that Italian has fantastic produce and food culture, if your'e looking for something different you'll need to look hard there arn't many international options available, local pride is ever dominant.

Italy abounds with cafes and great coffee, pick me up sweets arn't far away, they look great and some taste as good as they look, others you know that you can get the same dessert of better quality in 200 different cities around the world, almost makes you wonder how they can be so protective and allow quality and ambition to slip unnoticed.

The tower
Pisa & theTower is a bit of a must if you're in the area, as you can see in the photo its a bit of a must for many people. the constant crush of meandering tourists reaches a pinnacle around these magnificent buildings. Religious tourism isn't just for the believers but only for the believers with deep pockets, if you are planning a trip to see these architectural masterpieces take loads of cash.    Walking around the area outside the church and tourism splendour you are greeted with a dirty, run down, outdated and congested city suburb, theres no Italian glam and design here.

The big cathedral in Florence, I'm sorry but i can't remember its name.
I watched a documentary on discovery channel, its magnificent and well worth a visit but as many tourists say ABC "Another Bloody Church"
I feel sorry for the locals living around these monuments they're being crowded out by mass tourism, Tuscany is great but you wont be alone.


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