Sätrabrunn "did you see the ghost"


Off to Sätra Brunn a health spring/spa that has been in continuous use for more than 300 years.
The resort has a long and colourful history reflected in the traditionally built houses, antidotes and traditions.

Since 2002, Sätra Brunn has been owned and run by an economic association, this association consists largely of local enthusiasts determined to ensure the preservation of the 60 hectare property, and over 80 historic buildings.

At Sätra Brunn you can experience tranquility, beauty, rest, activity, care, gardens and the proximity to nature and indulge yourself in the healing, learning and creation processes. Enjoy also a variety of seasonal local activities and traditions.
Pamper yourself a little more.

Nepo kitchen consulting was assigned the task during August 2019 to work alongside the existing team and bring in some fresh ideas in the kitchen and restaurant while giving the following operational points the once over:

  • Kitchen economy
  • Create a kitchen and restaurant economy “key drivers template”
  • Inventory processes routines
  • Kitchen purchasing routines
  • Menu calculations - create new menu calculations templates
  • Standard hygiene controls
  • Rostering & time keeping
  • Analyze the existing kitchen machine park
  • Help out in the kitchen where ever necessary
  • Check out the kitchen computer and create an administration and organization plan
  • Look for any visible between departmental communication hiccups.

Sätrabunn is a 1,5 hour drive from Stockholm and it features an amazing array of traditional houses set in well manicured paths and parklands. Many of the houses are in use as craft shops, art galleries, conference rooms, hotel rooms, there is also a modern day spa and museum as well as their locally bottled mineral water.  
Brunnshuset, built in 1741 the main source of the spring, here you can drink the spring water,
the water is mineral rich ond tastes of iron  

Skogsgården, built in 1925, the two wings on each side of the square housed male and female single visitors,
the central building contains a kitchen and dinning room.

Nybygget, built in 1792, built as a roadside guest hose with 18 rooms a kitchen and lounge room.

Societetshuset, built in 1903 as a entertainment house with a functioning stage,
now days societetshuset is a function room and conference room.

Björnbo, moved from the nearby town of Sala in 1871 served as the caretakers residency. 


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