Turkey, 3 weeks-3 kitchens

Turkey 3 weeks 3 kitchen

Challenge yourself, Turkey a bigger food culture than you can imagine.

elaborate doors and entrances pave the way for new experiences 
Just back from a couple of visits to Turkey, lucky enough to be working in three different kitchens in three different Hotels I was primarily in the costal tourist areas which may not offer the perfect exposure to the Turkish food culture.
I feel its important if you are visiting an area or a tourist to gather new experiences where ever you go. For the food interested Turkey offers a huge cultural experience, its just open the doors or jump in the at the deep end.

Yeni Dunya
Its not every day you come across A new fruit, but here's a new ont for me, somewhat like an Asian Loquat and tasting a little lika an apricot, two or three large smooth pips surrounded with soft and juicy yellow fruit. The yeni Dunye are a bit brown and blemished but it doesn't take anything away from the taste I ate the soft skin as well. 

Green almonds
Available in spring in the markets and sometimes served on on hotel breakfasts buffets, just bite in and eat the whole thing, immensely popular asa a snack with the locals and a new experience for the uninitiated.  

The breakfast olive selection at one of the hotels I was at, a selection of 20 different types, for an olive lover something to look forward to every day. Of the worlds 200 types of olives about 50 are grown commercially in Turkey.We're an olive country, we like our olives I was told.

Buffet presentation, cold starters
There are a lot of experienced chefs in Turkey and a lot of chefs in many of the larger tourist hotels. this experience is very visual on the buffets.

"çiğ köfte"
Raw köfte, Hand squeezed bulgur köfte they can often be a little spicy, the squeezed hand shape is important, there ofter served as a welcome at the entrance to a restaurant or buffet.

kebabs on the grill
On the grill grab em while they're hot, kebabs are one of the staples of the Turkish kitchen, lamb chicken and beef, not a pig in sight.
Marinated and grilled over the embers
 One thing to remember, traditionally there are s no sauce served with Turkish meat dishes, so if you don't get any European style sauce with your meat, don't complain.  

 Mezze Mezze everywhere, great dips, snacks and starters, try em all. for those inclined the Turkish kitchen is full of vegan and vegetarian Mezze as well so theres always something for everybody.

Hünkar beğendi
Hünkar beğendi- "Sultans delight" or "sultan liked it" as its known a simple dish of stewed lamb served on a bed or creamed roasted aubergines, this must be one of my all time favourites from this area, tasty and simple

poached quince with kaymak

Spring is the time of smaller less fibrous quince we were served this pomegranate poached seasonal quince with kaymak, the quince was absolutely fantastic, the over sweet syrupy look was perfectly balanced and topped with kaymak, local Turkish clotted cream.

buffet desserts
The precision handiwork and skills is more than evident in the desserts, both turkish and international desserts get their attention. International experience is the name of the game here in the Turkish kitchen its just as relevant as in other kitchens around the world.

Eat them warm & place them upside down on your tongue, a great way to finish your Turkish experience.


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