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Fresh Wasabi Åre 2019 Special buffets

Jurt Hydroponics fresh Icelandic Wasabi 
During the idea development stages of the special buffets planning for the recent Alpine world championships in Åre, I was specifically looking to create WOW factors for each daily presentation. My idea was to create new experiences and to create memories for the guests and thus in turn adding to guest satisfaction.
I first saw the Jurt Hydroponics fresh wasabi a year ago and it created for me a memory that I was certain would work for the guests as well, as the idea of presenting sushi with local toppings emerged so did the necessity to make contact with Jurt Hydroponics and place an order early enough to ensure the perfect accompaniment to our sushi. 

ready for grating
For the best results, a dried shark skin “Oroshi” grater is used to grate the wasabi. Clean the roots with a hard brush and cut a cut just below the top to be green in color. The root is then grated in a circular motion against the shark skin. After use, the shark skin is rinsed off and dried.
The use of the fresh wasabi had the anticipated effect on the guests and was of great interest to our guests, its use created many questions and a new experience for 99% of our guests.

Sushi with cured beef tenderloin and lingon berries 
Freshly grated wasabi

Wasabi is traditionally grown near mountain streams in Japan. Wasabi is a perennial herb that has been grown for over a thousand years. The Icelandic company Jurt Hydroponics has now developed a system for growing fresh wasabi in a traditional way in the Nordic region.
Wasabi is usually difficult to grow & requires well fertilised soil and access to flowing water. Yurt Hydroponics grows wasabi all year round with modern technology in sustainable greenhouses in Iceland. The greenhouses are technically advanced thus resulting in fresh wasabi all year round.

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