Bear "tjälknöl" ground frost roast

Bear ground frost roast.

bear topside with local pickles and garnishes
Bear meat, whole muscle joint, topside or round best suited
6 bay leaves
10 juniper berries crushed
10 all spice, cracked
10 black peppercorns cracked
Salt for brine

Ground frost roast “tjälknöl” is a Swedish dish usually prepared from frozen state and traditionally with elk or other large game, this is a modern adaption, the chosen meat bear worked really well.

Ensure from your supplier that the bear meat has been trichinosis tested and free from any parasites. otherwise low temperature cooking isn't recommended.

Prepare a salt brine 10% “salt to water” make enough to be cover the bear meat.

Trim away any excess fat from the meat, as bear fat can give a rancid taste.

Brine the bear meat for 48 hours, ensure that all the meat is submerged under the brine.
Remove the bear meat and season with the spices, seal in a vacuum bag and roast 12 hours at 63 degrees in a programable oven.
2 finished bear topsides 
 Slice when cold and serve as a cold meat with accompaniments.

this kind of presentation creates a lot of interest on the buffet
On the special buffet at the Recent Alpine world championships in Åre feb 2019 we were looking to create wow effects for our guests, Bear meat as one of our "local" Jämtlands cold cuts was as exotic as it can get, many tried and many were very surprised. we're never too old to learn from new experiences, great work Erik.



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