Åre 2019, alpine world ski championships

ÅRE 4-17 feb 2019

winter landscape outside of Åre
After months of planning it was time to move back to Åre and prepare for the alpine world ski championships, we recruited 35 chefs, local as well as a international chefs through contacts in Poland, Greece, Spain, Norway and Danmark.
We made contact with external companies such as Global, Chasseur, Nordic Wasabi, Sybilla, Huski chocolate, Grill proffsen- Broil King, Barilla, 
As well as developing and expanding our contacts with Svensk Cater, Unilever, Nordsjöfisk, Party Rent, Hotel & restaurant school in Åre.

Lets build a kitchen
A blank space to Plan and build an operations command post, not only to service 2 of our VIP concepts from, but a hub/distributions center for product flow to our other 6 kitchens.
With a total of 7 kitchens spread over a 3 km area of winter terrain & serving 4000-5000 guests per day logistics became the major challenge. Of course recruitment of the correct kitchen team is the essential kitchen building block but after the kitchen build and a couple of days operation the chefs know what the ask is then its all about logistics and the operational flow.
about here should be right
We planned and built 7 kitchens most were in tents some of which were 3 stories high, all the kitchens had different functions and goals, from hot dogs for the masses to offering special meal experiences that reflected the local produce here in Jämtland.
Each kitchen had it's structural equipment limitations and individual price & menu aimed at its specific anticipated guests, be them VIP, corporate sponsors, volunteers or general admission. Planning the complexity of equipment needs related to the menu's offerings took some time.
Bear topside "tjälknol"
Part of the menu planning was to include as much local produce as possible and to support local industry, on one of our special tasting buffets we featured charcuterie from Jämtland among other game meats, one dish that captured everyones interest and curiosity was the Bear "tjälknöl". an adaption of a traditional cooking/curing/preservation process from the Lapplanders.

smoked deer 
Also on the Jämtlands charcuterie menu was smoked deer, elk, wild boar, rein deer heart and lokal pork produce combined with forest condiments featuring rowan berries, currants, cloud berries, lingon berries, seasonal apples and pickles.
Truffle pasta
 Also featured on our 3 day rolling special buffet menu were pasta and Sushi. On pasta days we offered two pasta dishes, one with bortaga, lemon and garlic and the other with fresh grated truffles and parsley, both were served in a 1/2 parmesan cheese which was a wow factor by itself.
on the third day we featured sushi "Jämtlands" style with some rein deer, marinated beef tenderloin as well as salmon, arctic char, and other fish, Sushi created the longest buffet cue with many eating just sushi on those days. we served up to 5000 pieces each day with local soy sauce and the eye catching fresh wasabi from Icelands Nordic Wasabi.

cod with fennel and radishes
Buffet fish service is always a challenge, with low temp cooking and holding we managed to serve attractive portioned fish with colourful garnishes to our VIP buffet, all sauces were served on the side. all the fish was MSC marked and locally fished. I'm proud that we chose MSC fish the decision was an own incentive which also was included in Åre 2019's ISO environment goals.
All our meat service was also low temp and served from the carving station, which ment that the product purchasing investment could be served at its prime.
Starters in our 2007 corporate VIP
For our corporate guests we offered more a table service banquet setting, a fantastic third flood tent location with its own viewing platform and a seating capacity of 650 guests. Just watching how the tent evolves into a restaurant with a 13 meter kitchen pass and a row of rational ovens is fantastic. Here the recipe for success is the quality of the equipment in combination with the experience of chef essential, if it doesn't work then the delivery will fail. We had a great team in the 2007 tent they delivered all day every day.

VIP corporate restaurant 2007 
A partial view of the restaurant in 2007, set for a dinner function.
Storage, dish washing, preparation space, rubbish removal, tomorrows mice en plus, refrigeration, plate up space are all part of the challenge.

And there was skiing also
The weather was a bit fickle, we started out our month in Åre at minus 20-25 and had a top of almost 10 degrees so it swung as much as a giant slalom racer.
We had big general admission crowds on the weekends when the major speed and technical events were scheduled and a few less during the weekdays, all together over 100000 spectators.

spectacular sunset over Åre lake
After 4 months preparation, two weeks of events and 4 days to pack up its back to reality and on to my next challenge. And for the team in the kitchen, WHAT A TEAM dedicated to their work, proud of their profession, overcoming unusual daily challenges, keeping a positive mind set, putting up with me, and we're now all an experience richer good luck in the future and I'm so proud of you all your achievements and having had the chance to work with you, I hope we can do it again.
Thanks to Bengt his team and Åre 2019 for their confidence in us and their commitment to quality.
Good luck to Åre in it's bid for the 2026 winter Olympic games it would be a real jewel in the crown for all the dedicated and motivated Åre Team.


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