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So here we go again out with 2018 and in with 2019 hope you all had a great festive season and are ready to crack on in the new year.

Just a quick recap on 2018 interesting and fun projects and challenges.

a new year a new challenge, this year we started importing Fresh winter truffles from Western Australia
The best part of January was spent in Western Australia, the Perth area with some visits to some close at hand “500+ km” National parks, tourist goals vineyards in the Margret River area and Manjimup the truffle growing area 300km south of the capital.
Perth is a great city escape, during our summer there, not a cloud in the sky and 30-35 every day, great beaches and a relaxed vibe through the city, more like Hobart with a few mirrored skyscrapers than Sydney or Melbourne.

During February I worked intensely with the upcoming Audi FIS Ski World Cup Finals which were held in Åre, northern Sweden. menus, calculations, logistical solutions & purchasing. An intensive planning period for 600-700 guests per day for 8 days.
Also, during February I did some local follow up visits and checked out if there was a market interest for Australian winter truffles during our European summer months. The truffle farmers around Manjimup Grow most of Australia’s 14 tone harvest of Tuber melanosporum.
on the road to Åre a big event for us in March 2018 and an even bigger one in Feb 2019
March was focus on Åre month, finish off the planning then move pick and pack up north. We catered for the whole event from a school kitchen, Fantastic logical challenges and solutions who’ve thought you could work in a tent at minus 30 degrees in a t-shirt. It was a great success from a kitchen and catering view point, I didn’t get to see much of the skiing, but I’m told there were winners there as well.
Angelica, who remembers it? who used it when they were younger

Directly after Åre I moved my focus to the Mediterranean preparing for the annual TUI food and beverage conference this year it was at Kolymbia in Rhodes. We were early in the season before many hotels, resorts and businesses had reopened. I got a bit of a chance to experience a Greek Easter a major public holiday. Plan your trip carefully if you are visiting Greece at this time of the year.
The congress went well two groups 40+ executive chefs and food & beverage managers from Turkey to Spain, great to catch up with some of the returning chefs and meet some new members in the TUI family.
Healthy food, vegetarian, vegan, buffet presentation, children’s buffet, desserts & themes- Asian, Italian, Mexican were on the menu.
chili school was part of the Executive chefs training, some did and some didn't

At the end of the month, I travelled down Mallorca and visited the Alcudia pins resort, we did some work on their Spanish taverna menu, some general observations and feedback, great fried chicken there, also a new pizza restaurant with super Pizzas. This early in the season Mallorca is for the cyclists.

A week in Kos with some hands on a la carte work in Mamari beach’s Greek Taverna and their Green and Grill theme restaurants, it was nice and hot at Mamri beach resort luckily, it’s blessed with one Greece’s picturesque iconic beach fronts.
Iconic Greek picture postcard, all locked up in the off season. 

Gerani, Crete
Caldera beach visit two resorts in one, coaching in the new executive chef at the start of their season, some work with their Greek taverna concept and stone grill restaurant.

Grek deserts on Crete, they look like anything else but sweets, but the handiwork is precession.

A quick study trip down to Cornwall linking together Stockholm’s newly opened Fiskhallen Sorunda and Flying fish at St Columb in Cornwall. Local caught Cornish seafood at its very best being shipped to England’s best eating houses, we also squeezed a visit to Newlyn fish market and great dinner in a town called Rock.
low tide at rock, fantastic seaside scenery around cornwall
Down to Oliba in the north-eastern corner of Sardinia for a week if you are looking for a tranquil & relaxing get away destination set in a natural environment. For me it was buffet selections, quality and guest expectations were on the menu here, and of course great pizza and pasta as one would expect.

Another week in Kos with more hands-on hands on a la carte work in their theme restaurants, great to see the progress that the team has continued on with since my previous visit. These island destination resorts are full of pitfalls and challenges for the unsuspecting or un experienced executive chef with their multi food & beverage outlets, staff and supplier complications. There’s not a lot of opportunity for the F&B team to soak the local summer relaxation.

Islantilla, Andulusian
Visiting ADH hotel’s Islantillia resort, during their high season, the whole coast is full of Spanish tourists down to enjoy the family orientated coastal resort, an interesting resort destination with no exploitation or party scene, only family holidays. While there we did some work on the Spanish taverna menu and general buffet work.
A few km down the road we visited Isla Christina’s fish market, a hub for the local tuna, mackerel and sardines fishing fleet.
Corvina at the Isla Christina fish market, waiting their time on the block 

In June, I also started working a little extra at Lynas Foods and their “American style” barbecue trailer, if you want to smell like smoked ribs or brisket for a week then I can thoroughly recommend this work.

The long-awaited Truffles from Manjimup, Western Australia started to arrive, the visit in January followed by follow up meetings here in Stockholm started to pay dividends with some fresh produce arriving, excellent truffles 24 hours after sorting they’re out of the forest they’re for sale in Stockholm.

truffle digging
Rock and roll catering with Lynas foods for some summer concerts and festivals in and around the city.

More truffles a new delivery every week during August, a great little new venture for Nepo Kitchen Consulting and a new “business leg to stand on”, now we’re building on continuality.

Conformation that we’re going back to Åre, confirmation and approval of my participation at the FIS world alpine ski championships in February 2019, 4-5 times bigger than in March earlier in the year, Yahoo.

A bit of a holiday in Dubrovnik, what a city full of history and what a city full of tourists, go in the off season or just pass through. The city wall walk is a must and so are the islands in the archipelago just outside of the city, an oasis away from the crush. There’s a noticeable quality difference with the restaurants, we tried some little pearls and there’s some nice wines there as well.

Flamingo Beach, resort. Check in for the opening of the winter season, meet Nordotels new corporate ex chef, it’s always easy to work with good people.
A corporate meeting and a new restaurant direction with some cooking classes thrown in for good measure.
typical stunted vines are the norm on Lanzarotes vine yards, volcanic soil and volcanic rocks 
Truffles the last of the season’s truffles, but they’ll be back again next year.

Meetings and planning Åre 100%

Meetings, Global knives, Broil king BBQ, Audi, Barilla, wine tasting, sous chef recruiting, equipment lists, purchasing meetings and the list goes on.

Back in Khao Lak to meet the new executive chef, concept coaching and hands on cooking training for the new pool menu and Thai taverna seafood menu.
It threatened rain every day so early in the season, but we were lucky not a drop for a week.
a relaxing coffee break in Khao Lak
Still going strong, meetings, trips and planning. Its all downhill from here.

New web site
We updated and relaunched www.nepokitchenconsulting.se
We made some changes, and revamped some of the text, the site is now only in English and it features information regarding our truffle import and links to my blog.

Good luck for the future.

Goodbye 2018 & welcome 2019 and whatever challenges you bring.

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