A summer break in Croatia's tourist mecca

The walled city taken from the cable car station, a great view of the city and its surrounds.

The medieval walled dominates a tourist visit to Dubrovnik. Take the cable car to top of there's a great view, there was no line during my morning visit, theres not not much to do on top either, a restaurant and some viewing platforms and a homeland war museum. There's also a road that goes up the back way if cable cars make you weak in the knees.
The homeland war museum showing Croatia's involvement and Dubrovnik's siege and rebuild during and after Yugoslavia's disintegration is situated just behind the cable car station.  
That places like Dubrovnik are protected by UNESCO in the name of everybody’s interest shows what a foresight they have. Dubrovnik is a gem and a huge Mediterranean tourist magnet. The walled city teams with tourists during the summer months surviving the constant 35-degree heat is a challenge in itself.

The wall, 6-8 stories deep

A walk around the city wall is recommended what an eye opener that offers a glimpse into how the city is or was built. Allow at least 2 hours and be prepared for the heat if you are visiting during the summer months. Sturdy runners are not a bad idea if you are prone to the stumbles, there are lots of steps which are good for your heart app on your iPhone. There are some refreshment depots around the top, where one can stop and take a break and even a couple of first aid stations for stubbed toes or worse.

Dusk at Fort Lovrijena

When in Dubrovnik you are constantly reminded that the city holds cult status for scenes and locations from the Game of Thrones series, the above picture is a view from the kings landing, theres a nice little restaurant, bar and kayak tour operating from this beach, a good place for a take away pizza, beer & sunset.

Narrow alleyways fan out from Dubrovnik's main thoroughfare
The city is full of attractions to look at as well as traps to fall into. I’m certain there are some really good restaurants in Dubrovnik, a city dominated by pizza and pasta, every restaurant it seems offers these standard selections of high profit international convenience foods, does everybody want it? Can’t the Croatians in general sell their local food? Are we as tourists/visitors so insecure that we only choose/demand pasta Bolognese and pepperoni pizza? What a sorry world.
We ate Dinner in the old city a street side restaurant one of many, cevapcici, how could it go wrong: we were served a frozen convenience product, even the frozen industry cevapcici in Sweden taste more authentic than what we experienced, and served with ketchup not ajvar? What a welcome and warning, my “local” tuna was nice but then after my later visit to the fish market one wonders where "local is". Wine served by the mouthful and a more than moderate pricing warned us off from eating in the old town. One is not price finicky or shy after many years in the restaurant business where quality generally equals money as a common denominator, how could’ve I have been so naive.
Walking through Dubrovnik is almost like peak hour in a major city subway, trying to relax in a street-side cafe, bar or restaurant is like being in a fish tank.
Thank god it's not all bad there’s excellent cold local beer and local wines, we didn’t see an imported bottle of wine and even found a new favourite white wine Posip, great with the local sea bass.

Sea Bass at the local market
A visit to the Dubrovnik Market, a small market with an array of fish stations, only about 20% of the fish stations were in use, maybe 9,00 AM was late or maybe the supply of fresh fish is limited, some nice sea bass, and red and black sea bream, sardines and smaller smelt ect, a few squid, octopus and prawns were on offer.

Zucchini flowers at the local market

At the adjacent vegetable market a farmers market style operation featuring a large variety of seasonal herbs, fruit & vegetables this selection doesn't seem to be making it onto the many of the local menu’s & Dubrovnik’s tourist traps and economy priced restaurants.

Magical Mediterranean views 

Walking around the city waterfront offers traditional views of Dubrovnik from the water or take a relaxing day trip around the Elafiti islands, stopping on Kolocep, Lopud & Sipan, a tourist excursion, with visits to interesting little villages surviving on the summer tourist market. Grilled mackerel was served on board fresh and tasty but a bit bread and fishes.

Romantic seaside restaurants

Far from the city hustle are some romantic restaurant's with serene sea views,  we experienced good relaxed service and extremely well cooked and very tasty food. A few days in Dubrovnik to enjoy the sights is a must, plan your restaurant visits, chancing leads to disappointment.


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