Trampó summer salad from Mallorca


Mallorca on a plate

Summer in Mallorca, Trampó is a refreshing summer salad of local sun ripened vegetables full of flavour and simply prepared.
Trampó is eaten daily by the locals and is featured on menus throughout the island. Trampó is built on a base of tomato, green peppers and onions, as in most dishes there are always variations and exceptions, if you make your own keep it culturally correct. For example local green olives, tuna or capers, serve it with rye bread or crackers.

Three parts tomatoes
Two parts green paprika
One part onions
Good quality olive oil
Cut the vegetables in equal sizes season with salt and let them “bleed” out some of their natural juices before adding the olive oil and any additional ingredients. I’ve added some freshly cooked tuna confit to my trampó.


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