Åre ski world cup finals 2018

Åre 2018

Åre just hosted the Audi FIS ski world cup finals
14-18 march 2018

On the road a seven hour drive from Stockholm.
Off we went a group of us from all over the place, merging in Åre to manage the catering for the Åre 2018 world cup individual and team finals, one of our main tasks was to build good will and confidence for World Ski Championships next year.
We catered for all, volunteers, VIP, media and all in-between.  
Sunrise Early morning view 
 We lived the Ski Chalet life style for a few weeks all crammed in together, smelly socks the whole works. We had some cold starts some mornings down to minus 20 degrees.
No weather for brass monkeys! 
the finish, just out side of our work place
 There was skiing as well, we didn't get to see much even though we were right on the finishing line.
I must say I admire their courage, watching live is much more impressive than on TV. The speed in which they compete is phenomenal.
The best 25 in each discipline fought it out for the respective seasonal championships.
local transport
Among other modes of transport available to us was this little beaut, we took it for a rip but it was a bit draughty. 
kitchen meeting
 We borrowed the kitchen at the local Tourist and restaurant school. we had great help and assistance from the faculty and students. The students did great job, it's not easy to be in their shoes and to be cast in with a lot of old geezers & besserwissers.
All credit to them and good luck with their future careers.
VIP buffet 
Lunch was in the VIP area everyday, buffet and carvery. The food quality goals of Åre 2019 was much appreciated by all the VIP's. The volunteers had their own tent, the unsung hero's were a hungry bunch that worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the event.
Friday night was shellfish night 
We presented a smörgåsbord selection & shellfish one night, salmon is always a big hit, the oysters are only for the die hards and enthusiasts. theres always one that squeezes down a few dozen to even out the average consumption.

room with a view, VIP view over the lake
Nice and luxurious, far from the madding pists, a great job from the service team to create an idyl to every mealtime.

We'll be back next year all bigger and better, world championships Åre 2019 early February, stay tuned. 


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