Rolling stones in Stockholm 2017

Friends Arena
October 12

I had the fortune last week to work with the back stage crew and artist catering at
 the rolling Stones Stockholm.

Back stage building under progress three days before the show.
Friends Arena is not a new venue for me,
I was with the the opening team in the capacity of executive chef a few years ago,
so i have seen my share of fantastic events and shows,
even though its nice to be back again and walk around and reminisce.

Stage view from gate 2 entrance, two days before the show 
Catering for  a multi day stage build and concert is a battle against time,
the sheer size of Friends Arena is imposing,
new kitchen and logistical challenges are part of the work place.

stage view from gate 2, one day before the show, lighting test
 The stage area workplace, lighting and arena is like a well oiled ants nest
an endless procession of semi trailers unloading and moving of to parking bays,
while awaiting the next transport destination.

Kobe beef truckers prize 
The catering company made a lucky dip prize of a kobe beef steak to the truckers,
there was a lot of interest in who would win the great prize,
25 semis with double drivers, "on tour"

stage lighting
I bought my concert tickets long before i got the catering gig so I left early to get there on time.
The Local Band the Helicopters were the supporting band,
and so the stage was set with what must be one of the worlds most recognisable logo types.
An iconic band with over 50 active years behind them. 

stage lighting
Huge venues create challenges for lighting technicians,
not everyone can get close to the band to actually see whats happening,
we up in the stalls need to rely on the visuals as well as the sound to rock along to.

images, lights and music
I can't really say I'm a die hard fan,
there are a few but far from all their LP's in my collection.
There music has always been there so buying all their LP's never was an option,
but what a repertoire of classics they have.

Mick Jagger on stage
 All the good photos of Mick Jagger on stage show the emotion he puts into his presentation,
this photo shows the distance he covers,
jumping, jiving, moving, dancing, world class showmanship at 70 +,
as a front man for a band he's still better than 95% of his peers 50 years his younger.

And then it was over
Bill Wyman wasn't there this year who knows who will be still there next tour. 

stage dismantle
The day after the concert, felt almost like a hang over, the carney had moved on.
Not much about the catering or food in this post,
it was the concert that was the focus
the music made the heavy lifts, sore knees, joints & aching feet worth the effort. 


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