Roltex S Plank

Roltex S plank
Just some of the New Roltex S Plank buffet service equipment, we had the pleasure to work & experiment with it at our latest Food & Beverage workshop in Mallorca, thanks to Roltex for the opportunity, natural looking with textured surfaces, they come in vintage, oak or slate finish and look fantastic with food on them.  
A few of the shapes in oak and slate finish, dishwasher safe with a 5 year warranty.

A pallet shape, great for fast food, pool side service or buffet condiment, also featured is the Roltex oven to tableware 02T plate, suitable in the healthcare, schools and commercial sectors.   

Roltex teardrop shape with an open tortilla, great for poolside snacks or a buffet compliment.

S Plank with a horn of plenty asian salad

Chocolate and peanut butter popcorn bars ideal for afternoon tea, conference, snacks ect. easy to manage on slate imitation.
With the optimal antislip feet the S Plank is presentable and easy to work with.

Contrasts to enhance modern presentation is easy with the convincing authentic look

Slate is a a perfect balance colour for modern a sushi presentation

The wave tray is also suitable for food presentation.

More information about these fantastic products is available at the following site


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