quince jelly, fig salami

Quince jelly

6kg       quince, whole, washed
200g     lemon cut in wedges
2kg       sugar
1ea.      Vanilla bean, split lengthways and scraped

Place all ingredients in a large saucepan together with 3,5 litres of water
bring to the boil, reduce heat and simmer for 2-3 hours or until the fruit starts to break up, the liquid should have a deep pink/amber colour.
Allow to drain of slowly for an hour, squeeze excess syrup from quinces.
The cooked quince can be reserved and used for something else.
Re-boil & skim the quince syrup, make a sample jelly test for pectin level in the fridge, reduce the syrup to a more jelly consistency if needed.
Keep refrigerated until needed, quince jelly is fantastic served with cheese.

Fig salami

380gm   dried figs, finely chopped
20g       honey
40g       roasted pine nuts

reserve 100g of the chopped figs
mix the remaining figs in a food processer, mix together with the honey until the mix resembles a coarse puree and can be formed into a ball.
Remove from the food processer and kneed in the pine nuts and remaining chopped figs.
Roll into a thin sausage and wrap in plastic film, chill.
Keep in refrigerator until needed, slice salami style and use as a cheese platter condiment.


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