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22 March 2017

If you are lucky enough to live in Stockholm and have some contacts in the restaurant world here then you probably received an Invitation to C&E Gastro Import's open day then if your'e really smart it was only to truck on in and graze through their import delicacies, I wasn't alone so it was a bit tight on space but as I wasn't in a hurry it was an afternoon well spent. 

With 20+ years suppling our endless need for new and favourite delicatessen products to both our restaurants and supermarkets "Gastro import" are well established and a benchmark supplier of of primarily Mediterranean top end taste bombs in Sweden, Danmark and Norway.

Many chefs grow into the sales and representative roles at companies like Gastro they take with them their work experience and turn it into product knowledge so there is a mutual kinship in meeting and buying from them. This knowledge and experience is reflected in their quality assortment and their like minded suppliers many of whom are specialister in their own right.

knowledge gives quality

Alejandro chorizo, I must say I'm a sucker for it I even buy it from my local supermarket great stuff, course ground magno with paprika and garlic from Logrono in Spain.

Perlita caviar imported from the Bordeaux area in SW France caviar production became a bi-product of the sturgeon fish farm, the caviar is from the smaller Siberian species available in great little portion cans the perfect starter & no work in the kitchen.    

This is what Perlita looks like, keep an eye out for it

Pork loin wrapped in a salami, not only does the Pimentese Cima company make great make truffle salami but they make this Baciato a new product for me, its always interesting to try something new.
The guy next to me wouldn't move at the same time he ate his way through a platter of Mangalica ham, thus the crappy picture, Segovia do wonders with the Hungarian Mangalica pork.  

Lombardiet is the home of many of Italy's well known cheeses among them Taleggio Cas'Arrigoni presented an assortment of there produce for me the unpasteurised was the stand out product    

Tack G & E Gastro and suppliers


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