Idre Fjäll 2016-17

Vinter season 2016-17

What better place to be during the winter than a winter resort, this winter I'm working at the famous Swedish resort Idre Fjäll, we're operating the F&B department with 6 restaurants, they're spread through the resort, so we're on the run all day & sometimes ski's, wish i'd listened more during my lessons a long time ago on Ben Lomond.

Well known winter play ground with its ski runs and lifts, Idre has been a winter favorit for Swedish family's for many seasons 

An autumn view over the summer activity area, Idre Fjäll is an all year activity center with Hiking, horseback excursions, rafting and water sports, as will as mountain biking an explosive sport gaining in popularity each season Idre Fjäll has become a summer destination in itself.     

Almost the same shot taken from the summer activity area, looking west towards Norway

Up the top, with the chefs uniform under my ski clothes, we have a big restaurant called Utsikten up the top, up to 500 lunches with many logistical challenges.

Pernilla Wiberg Hotel a picturesque alpine style hotel situated directly on the slopes, local produce with a focus on ecological food and wines are featured in the restaurant. 

Every Tuesday and Friday restaurant Utsikten comes a live with scooter sleds to the top and a speciality meny featuring local produce, A starter with Älvdalens salmon, the above main course with rein deer sourced from local "Sami" herds and hand picked cloud berries,     

Aski the kids favourite, our reindeer mascot at the christmas fair held each year with local handcrafts and sports teams involved.
More to come from Idre as the season progresses


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