Copenhagen inspiration

Wonderful Copenhagen

There are so many interesting restaurants to look at in Copenhagen that there was no time to see the little mermaid, I was there with Preopening AB looking for concept ideas & details for future projects a couple of days in a new environment gives a lot of inspiration and Copenhagen is full of inspiration

lunch at Amass an industrial building turned into a ambitious modern restaurant, the building complete with graffiti & rough edges strongly contradict the focus and technical skills from the kitchen.

We started with a bullion of jus fat the skimming from the stock pot turned into a little soup, full of flavour & presented in a little earthenware cup, our grilled bread potato cake was served with sour pickled red and green cabbage served with wild goose breast pickled apple and celeriac and beurre noisette, a little dessert combo of burnt caramel ice cream with sweet potato cooked in sugar beet syrup and cepe oil, topped with a tuille flavoured with coffee grinds and nutmeg a fantastic combination. Burnt used tea leaf marshmallow. locally produced and sourced, preservation techniques and re-sellable bi-products in combination with great kitchen skills. 
Cocktails at Brönnom world class and classy, drop in and escape the hustle and bustle for a while.

Lobster roll at Gorilla restaurant in the refurbished meat market a fantastic little brioche slice too bad the bad the photo is crap. Gorilla is a pumping bistro style restaurant great service and food.

The plastic table cloths at Oyster and Grill restaurant, don't judge this restaurant on your first impression, serious food simply and tastefully presented coupled with fantastic atmosphere and service what else does a restaurant need.   

The raw marinated scallops with avocado puree served on the half shell, we enjoyed top class seafood, all served as sharing food followed by a steak and soft serve ice cream sundae to die for 

Chocolate mousse filled chilies to finish of the tasting menu at Taller, Venezuelan gourmet restaurant, great to try some new tastes, combinations and textures, not every course was served with cutlery, a bit unusual some of the dishes could've had a bit more wow in the taste to match the presentation ambition

The kitchen at Taller, an old wood working bench for a kitchen pass complete with a telephone charger and bottle opener

Marinated squid with passion fruit sauce a great little combination, tasty and tender 

The beer taps at Warpigs in the meat packing district, a big selection of Mikkeller beer served from these imaginative ham bone taps, BBQ meats and accompaniments in traditional american style, BBQ brisket to die for with rumbling heavy metal in the background, these ingredients in combination with the renovated butchers shops contribute to many fantastic concepts in this distrikt of which warpigs is a prime example.


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