BBQ EM 2016 Bremmen

European Grill & Barbecue championships Bremen, Germany. 17-18 september 

BBQ blues team Jonas, Bobo och yours truly with the green hat
BBQ Blues grill and Barbecue team competed in the recent European championships in Bremen, a top placing was our goal, top 10 on our low budget with out any sponsors.

Beef brisket
even after 16 hours in the smoker and on the grill our brisket tightened up and was a little tough, this was reflected by the judges points. Twenty points after the winning brisket not really the result we were focusing on stable even top scores was our goal.

chicken and side dish 
Our chicken presentation in these hopeless small take away boxes, at least every one else har the same problem, smoked chicken thigh, filled chicken wing, parsley and lovage filled chicken breast, and smoked drumstick.
A fifth place overall with better points.

Grilled pear on grilled almond frangipane cake, served with pear brandy flavoured mascarpone, a pear chip and smoked almond caramel tuille, raspberry sauce. a great dessert worthy of a very good restaurant, good flavourful combinations the judges thought so as well giving us a fourth place overall with top points in a closely fought mini final.

fish and side dish
Salmon again, it seams like its salmon at every championship, we did a salmon fillet with crispy skin, filled with cream cheese, a smoked plait of salmon and an oriental flavoured salmon tartare, the vegetable garnish of grilled zucchini asparagus aubergine and tomato.
The judges loved our salmon with a clear first place with a good point margin in a close final, this is our first championship victory, not bad European champions.

home country cooking
Our home cooking presentation was representative to Sweden, whole grilled rein deer loin with lingon berries, slow grilled shallot, cepes mushrooms and grilled corn pudding.
We received a 14 place for the effort in a tight finish.  

pork shoulder
Our pork shoulder smoked and BBQ'd for about 12 hours served with some pulled pork, burnt ends and crackling no sauce or garnish is allowed except whats in the vegetable box in this case the lettuce. We received a 20th place and lost a few points to the leaders.

Pork ribs
Pork ribs have always been a bit of a weak scoring area for us we made some changes for this competition trying to give more textbook BBQ ribs rather than offering ribs that suited our tastes, we came in in ninth place in a tight finish so we were pleased with the changes we made.

BBQ Scout
When I said we had no sponsors, that wasn't really correct BBQ Scout in Germany Lent us our grills and equipment, we were extremely grateful for the loan of these fantastic grills.

Overall we came in in fourth place, we were a couple of points after a podium third place finish, a great job showing that consistency is the winner in this type of competition.


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