Swedish grill & BBQ championships 2016

Gothenburg 21-22 May 2016


Swedish Grill & BBQ championships

Local sponsors turned out to make the two day grill & bbq championships a big event, large crowds flocked to Liseberg, Gothenburgs famous amusement park and the city's premier tourist attraction.
20 teams competed in the annual event, the national titel was up for grabs as well as a competitive trial for the upcoming European Championships later in autumn.
This was the third time that Barbecue Blues Team competed in the national titels, six dishes to be presented during the two day competition, the dishes were judged in accordance to the World Barbecue Association, WBQA.
A great mix of amateurs, weekend grillers, professional chefs and company sponsored teams competed in this fun, friendly and popular event.
BBQ Blues Team's -fish
Salmon was the chosen fish which is a excellent fish to work with as its a "fat fish" and very versatile.
We made a grilled Asian tartare with a ginger and honey glaze, a smoked cube and a crispy skin loin fillet filled with smoked salmon, cream cheese, lemon and parsley.
The Judges liked it we received a second place for this dish. 
BBQ blues team's vegetarian dish
The vegetarian dish is a open dish where each team brings with them their own ingredients.
we chose a grilled corn pudding on a chipolte sauce, an oyster mushroom stack with pesto and grilled shallots on romesco sauce.
The judges liked this dish as well we received a third place for this effort.
bbq blues team's chicken with tomato
 The third dish was chicken with the tomato.
we presented a smoked drumstick, pulled thigh meat in a grilled tomato, stuffed chicken wing "with green olive and almond meal" and a roulade from the the breast filled with roasted paprika, asparagus and feta cheese.
this dish didn't go down so well it slipped down to tenth place, its back to the drawing board for the chicken. 
bbq blues team's ribs n bread
The fourth dish was pork ribs with bread, six hours on the grill for these little beauties, they tasted great, served with a corn bread foccacia/pizza bread. we choose not to douse the ribs in sticky sweet BBQ sauce and present them seasoned and naked.
this didn't go down well with the judges slipping down to the bottom half of the points list.
bbq blues team's chuck tender with potato
Chuck tender approx 3kg, it spent about 15 hours on the grill, we served baked potato with horseradish and spring onion mash topped with burnt ends, a slice from the chuck tender and a little puck of pulled beef.
We shot back up to second place in this category, it tasted great and the judges loved it.
pork shoulder with corn on the cob
The last dish was pork shoulder on the bone, about 15 hours on the grill, we served a slice of the shoulder topped with some end bits, pulled pork and crackling and corn on the cob seasoned with horseradish and herbs.
This dish came in sixth place in a tight finish.

All in all Barbecue Blues team finished in third place in the national championships a great effort, we were really pleased. We had four well accepted dishes and two not so well accepted, the results from all the teams showed inconsistency through the six different category's, lifting our poor performers prior to the European Championships in Bremen will be our focus area over the summer.
oh and by the way we are looking for a sponsor or two- get in contact if you are interested.


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