Mallorca, F&B conference

Food & Beverage congress 
April 2016
Alcudia Pins Mallorca

The welcome Sign at Palma airport. Tui is a big player in one of Europe's premiere tourist mecca,
hot hot hot 
the island seems dominated with Tui busses and resorts, something for everyone

Alcudis Pins

There were some people swimming in both the sea and pool, not many
the resort was still closed when we arrived a little "shining" feeling

The view from my balcony out over the Mediterranean

A visit to Spain wouldn't be if one didn't try churros for breakfast these were made by som of our Spanish chefs, Great with chocolate and coffee.
A big long Squiggle is more traditional I'm told

Aegean Parks tuna salad

There are uncountable variations of Tuna salad around the Mediterranean, this one is Family Lifes Aegean Park resort in Rhodes. 
tomato, leek, capers, olive oil, salt an peppar

Santiago Torte

A great traditional Spanish almond cake with St James cross. 

Dinner at Casa Jacinto

Typical Mallorcan restaurant, a few kilometers outside of Plama,  tappas, suckling pig, and dessert
a big rowdy night with lots of locals and great food  
The Turkish and Spanish delegation
Greek, Crete, Cyprus, Croatia

Cathedral le sau
Palmas pride fantastic on the outside, but closed on a Sunday 
super impressive la sau
Palma is quiet an impressive city as summer gets closer I'm sure the city revs up a notch, i can understand what the big fuss is about
downtown Palma

There are many other shops than just food shops if you are interested, and they look very impressive as well.

food is a big part of the local culture, Palma is full of a vast array of restaurants to choose from.

Our F&B congress was a great success, its always interesting to meet and work with colleagues,
we had a big focus on allergies, vegetarian, vegan and diverse buffet themes and presentations.
Thanks to all participants who gave there all.


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