Corfu Kerkyra Golf resort

Kerkyra Golf resort 
May 2016

The welcome sign at the entrance, Kerkyra is a very popular destination for English guests 
The Kerkyra Golf resort has changed booking partners, they're now part of the newly created Tui Family Life brand, Kerkyra lies just outside of Corfu ca. 3 kilometers and about 10 km from the airport. There's no golf here apparently it was a spelling misunderstanding as the resort lies in the Kerkyra Gulf where it's spread along the shore line, its not really a beach but theres plenty of pool area to compensate. 
Early morning view Albania in the distant right hand corner
Long shadows, on my way to help with the breakfast. An early morning shot from the restaurant veranda not a bad view and not a bad place to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner  
pool area view
The pool area view is taken from my room, lots of space for activities and for the kids to run wild 
local lemons right on our door
The surrounding garden if full of citrus trees and herb gardens, we made a signature drink for the breakfast, homemade lemonade from the local fruit.
Baked aubergine torte
Local specialities abound on the buffets, here is a nice aubergine torte presentation, make it in a cake ring for a simpler presentation.
One of my favourites for breakfast is greek yoghurt with tahini and honey, currants and nuts.
fried sardines
I was told by a greek Friend that the Greeks don't trust big fish because they don't know how old they are, fried sardines, fried anchovies, calamari, octopus are great share together with friends & squeeze over lots of lemon juice like the locals.  


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