Swedish smorgasbord 2015 Lassa Maja

The christmas table

Just finishing off my second christmas season at Lasse Maja's Wärdshus.
A unique restaurant on Stockholms north western outskirts, a 350 year old staging, guest house and court house.
At Lasse Maja we're working up to 7000 guests during the 4 week season, intense and busy.     
the following is our "Traditional" take on the five course buffet

For the inexperienced, one should choose from each of the different sections in turn thus  avoiding mixing all to much, keeping the tastes true to themselves can also be a challenge avoid this by not overfilling your plate come back for a second time for your favorit dishes.

first course
herrings, baltic herrings, potatoes, hard cheese, onions, sour cream, crisp bread and herring dishes

second course
salmon in all its forms, eggs, fish roe & div. fish dishes

third course
cold cuts, and garnishes, sallads, christmas ham and mustard

fourth course
hot dishes and garnishes

fifth course
sweets, desserts, cheese and fruit 

Lasse Maja

Christmas Smorgasbord

Matjes herring
Skagen herring
Mustard herring
Pickled herring
Sour cream and herb herring
Blueberry pickled herring
Baltic herring baked with cod roe caviar
Baltic herring baked with tomato and dill
Fried and pickled Baltic herrings
Grebbestads gentleman’s savoury
Herring salad

Chopped red onions, sour cream
Dill flavoured potatoes
Rye bread, Wort bread, Christmas crisp bread
Schnapps flavoured cheese, cumin flavoured cheese

Dill gravad salmon with honey and cider flavoured mustard sauce
Hot smoked salmon with lime and ginger crème fraiche
Smoked salmon with apple and fennel dip/lemon
Cold poached salmon with dill mayonnaise and pickled cucumber
White fish roe with sour cream and chopped red onions
Filled eggs topped with salmon and shrimp mayonnaise
Salmon salad

Vegetable salad
Waldorf salad
Beetroot salad
Cold cuts
Christmas ham
Cognac and fig mustard, coarse ground mustard, extra strong mustard
Smoked led of mutton
Alder chip smoked breast of turkey
Beef pastrami
Christmas salami
Butchers salami
Venison salami
Baked liver pate
Pickles, Salt cucumber, Cornichons, Cumberland sauce, pickled onions.
Hot buffet
Jansson temptation
Swedish meatballs with sweetened lingon berries
Small sausages
Honey and ginger slow baked side of pork
Apple pure
Beef brisket with vegetables and horseradish
Spinach omelette
Roasted root vegetables with parsley pesto
Boiled potatoes
Slow baked cabbage
Red cabbage
Classic lute fish
Served with béchamel sauce, all spice, potatoes and peas
Creamed rice a la Malta
Small lands cheese cake with cloudberry jam
Chocolate mousse
Vanilla pannacotta
Saffron cheesecake
Chocolate cake
Old fashioned struvor “rosette” with whipped cream and raspberry jam
Fresh fruit salad
Gingerbread biscuits
Ingrid Marie apples

Christmas sweets
Christmas toffee
Mint caramel, toffee caramel and raspberry liquorice caramel
Toffee fudge
Scum Santa
Polka spirals
Lingon berry marmalade
Blueberry marmalade
Fruit marmalade
Mint kisses

Cambozola cheese
Brie de meaux
Farmhouse cheddar
Caprinelle aged goat’s cheese
Edam cheese

Spiced berry jam & crackers

Our herrings five relative traditional kinds an the house speciality blueberry herrings, our skagen and mustard herrings are the most popular.
The salmon selection hot smoked and traditional gravad are the most popular along with the filled eggs.

Cold cuts the christmas ham and mustard selection is traditionally the focus area flanked by pork charcuterie on one side and special meats on the other
The hot buffet a new presentation for this year, the purchase of heat lamps and hot plates allowed us to take away the cumbersome chaffing dishes, giving a freer guest flow, better presentation and ease of practicality, a win win investment, Jannsons temptation is the most popular dish closely followed by meat balls.
New this year was the roasted seasonal root vegetables with parsly and sunflower seed pesto, the popularity of this dish showed us that the food trends are changing and that people will eat more vegetables and in this case in exchange for meat products.
The dessert buffet, a treat for young and old

all in all a great effort by the team 7000 guests from a small kitchen and a container gets on all of our nerves, but thats half the fun.


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