Klein Constantia

Klein Constantia

just outside Cape Town

A visit to the Klein Constantia estate to try their wines is a must for wine buffs visiting Cape Town, an iconic vineyard with one of the worlds most famous wines in its portfolio.
Klein Constantia is just a short taxi ride from the city. 

It was in Constantia on the out skirts of modern day Cape Town that South Africa’s first vineyard was established around the end of the 17th century, part of this original area is still part of Klein Constantia’s present harvest areal.
Klein Constantia was established in 1685 of Simon Van Der Stel the first Dutch governor of Cape Town.

The southern sloping higher ground offers a cooler microclimate well suited to green grape varieties, 70% of Klein Constantia’s harvest is of green grape varieties and 30% cabernet sauvignon & merlot
Klein Constantia’s picturesque vineyard is framed by lush gardens, a Cape Dutch style Manor House and surrounding views

Before the phylloxera devastation throughout the cape towards the end of the 19th century Vin de Constance had become prized by leaders and aristocracy throughout Europe, Vin de Constance was revived by Klein Constantia in 1986, reaffirming this unique natural sweet wine’s place in history.
Today, Klein Constantia continues to make some of South Africa’s top wines and the world’s best dessert wines; wines that reflect the cool Constantia climate, as well as its historic tradition.

The history behind the resurrection of Vin de Constance is a fantastic and passionated story, a 200 year old bottle of Vin de Constance turned up att Southerby's auction house in London, the wine still drinkable was the footprint for the revival of the iconic wine. this presentation in Kleins Constantia's visitors tasting area tells the story    
Tasting area at Klein Constantia

The final product, the modern Vin de Constance, one of the wine worlds most ionic sweet wines, with its characteristic "heel" in the bottle as per the original hand blown bottles.
Klein Constantia is not only the home of Vin de Constance but a nice little selection of some of South Africa's better wines.


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