Old biscuit mill market, Cape Town

Old Biscuit Mill Market
Cape Town

Located in Woodstock a colourful and vibrant Cape Town suburb in an old biscuit mill
"hence the name"
The Saturday market shows of the best of the community from top of the line restaurants, handcrafts, furniture, clothes and the multi cultural food, the small stall holders show of their produce great tastes, authentically presented at reasonable prices, which means pretty cheap by northern european standards.
Colourful protea South Africa's national flower at the market florist, Protea are all over the place growing wild all the way up table mountain, they're so prolific that they're almost a weed. 
but great to see them appreciated enough that the locals buy them.
Rib racks nicely presented with a yellow theme, many of the stalls not only served great and well presented food but also well thought out themes and ideas

Paella served in many markets this one served with flair and a glimt in the eye from the cook  

One of the market halls full to capacity with stalls and customers grazing through the offerings, great food with authentic tastes and flavours. 
There's a big selection local brews down here and off course they're well represented at the market along with south african wines. great to see how relaxed and easy the atmosphere was at the market and how everyone was enjoying themselves.

  BBQ pork belly with onion marmelad on a sour dough ciabatta, a nice little lunch.


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