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South Africa

KWV is one of the leading wine and spirits producers in South Africa and has a distinguished heritage, celebrated around the globe.

Product innovation and exceptional brands including Roodeberg, Labourie, KWV Wines & KWV Brandies are part of their portfolio.
From their earliest roots in 1918 as a small co-operative of wine growing pioneers with the vision to improve industry standards and quality in South Africa.
KWV has grown into a global producer of over 100 products.
KWV wines and grapes are sourced from the most sought-after viticultural regions of South Africa. The cellars featuring the world-famous Cathedral Cellar have produced many award-winning vintages these have earned KWV a loyal following of consumers both locally and internationally.
KWV commitment to quality in all aspects of their business has earned them multiple local and international accolades. KWV is present in over 100 markets globally, with key focus markets including Scandinavia, Germany, the Americas, Japan, and South Africa.

We were invited to KWV Wine Emporium for a tasting during our South African fact finding tour, 16, best sellers and or wines targeted for our home market in Scandinavia. Wines featured were from Laborie, KWV and Roodenberg, a great selection with big tastes at value for money prices. 

In the KWV wine emporium shop theres a wide selection of their produce among others their pinotage as well as their top of the range.  

Abraham Izak Perold, was a South African chemist and viticulturist. Perold is best known for developing the Pinotage grape variety in 1925 through crossing Pinot Noir and Cinsault at the KWV vineyards KWV release a premium Pinotage cape blend to commemorate his efforts, Perold Tributum with 30-70% Pinotage blended with cabernet Sauvignon, shiraz and cabernet franc.

The early years

KWV “Ko-operative Wijnbouwers Vereniging van Zuid Afrika” Founded in 1918 by South African wine farmers with the aim of stabilizing and supporting the local fledgling industry, this support organization worked until the early 1990’s when the words export market opened its doors to South African wines. Since the KWV has become a force in itself exporting their own award winning wines and brandies from their base in Paarl all over the world.

Early milestones

The KWV act- strengthens KWV role as the sole exporter of surplus wine production

The first brandy is produced and subsequently exported to the UK

Viticultural expert Abraham Perold the father of pinotage is appointed to experiment with and improver quality control processes.

the outbreak of world war 2 causes exports to decline, brandy consumption increases. KWV expand their market within Africa and the east.

KWV’s responsibilities expand to include minimum price setting for all wines.

Roodenberg one of KWV’s flagship wines is released.

South Africa celebrates 300 years of wine making in the cape.

A modern cellar with cold fermentation –one of the first of its kind is built in time for the 1962 harvest

The wine of origin system is legislation and passed allowing single estate production.

The wine house concept is created by KWV promoting a social culture and awareness to food and wine consumption, Labourie wine is established in Paarl, Paddagang in Tullbagh, Kleinplasie in Worchester, Brandewndraai in Robertson and Doornbosch in Stellenbosch.

KWV purchases 30% of Stellenbosch Farmers Winery and Distillers Corporation & together with Rembrant acquires the majority joint interest in Kaapwyn. These acquisitions open new distribution possibilities for KWV.

The tense political situation and consequent poor economy sees KWV developing new products for the local market.

KWV plays a vital role in the establishment of the South Africa Brandy foundation.

Export markets reopen with the unbanning of the ANC, KWV develops new market strategies having until now controlled the export market.

The revamped KWV brandy cellar at Worcester is opened as the tourist friendly, KWV House of Brandy.


KWV wins the President’s award for export achievement.


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