champagne lunch

Arvid Nordquist assortment dat 7 sept. 2015

Is there a better way to spend a Monday lunch, tasting meny with accompanying champagne from Ayala and Bollinger champagne. An interesting and well presented company presentation from these champagne houses was the highlight of Arvid Nordquist's assortment day 7 sept 2015.  

Tuna sashimi with citrus marinated cucumber and fennel, lobster mayonnaise and bread crumbs.
the dish looks fantastic and had all the ingredients of a real winner, but sorry no seasoning or citrus paired with the low sugar  and dry Ayala champagnes it was no contest which was a pity as the champagne was great, i especially liked the Brut Nature. 

Bellota ham with artichoke cream, root vegetables and bread chips
Again another great little champagne dish it looks great and well presented with small baguette toasts and root vegetables could've been seasoned up to match the champagnes quality. 

Brest of corn fed chicken with jerusalem artichoke crème, beets and Bollinger veloute.
This was the best paired dish, the chicken was topped with autumn chantrelles and pickled red onions and great little beetroots. Both the Bollinger rosé and the Grande Année 2005 worked fantastically with this dish. 


As a dessert we tried the selection from South Africa's KWV vineyard,
The 100% Petit Verdot I thought was the star of this tasting, the Tawny Port and 20 year old brandy would also fit well in the drink cabinet at home.


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