Smørrebrød, Sol over Gudhjem

Sol over Gudhjem

Classic Danish smørrebrød “open Danish sandwich”

Open Sandwiches are traditionally part of the Danish food culture many of them have a story behind them or are representative of their place of origin; Sol over Gudhjem is no exemption from this norm: The name literally translates to “the sun over gods home”.

Gudhjem is a small town on the east coast of Bornholm a small Danish island in the Baltic approx., 50*30 kilometers.
Fishing in the Baltic is major primary industry on Bornholm and herrings, which the sandwich is built on is a part of this heritage.

Danish smørrebrød are traditionally served as small meals or snacks.

Rye bread, good quality, thinly sliced
Chives, finely sliced
Red onions, finely sliced in rings
Radish cut in juilliene
Egg yolk
Smoked herring

Fillet and clean the gut area of the herring, taking care to keep the herring fillets as whole as possible, remove visible bones. Leave the tail on and keep the skin intact.
Butter the bread making sure that whole of the bread is spread evenly with butter, sprinkle generously with chives.
Place on the smoked herrings garnish with some salad leaves radishes and chives.
Arrange the onion and egg yolk as preferred.
Serve with a knife and fork. Tip the egg yolk over the fish.
Adjust the size of the sandwich and the volume of the ingredients after the meal alternative.


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