food truck to Bornholm

Trukkin to Bornholm

I recently took part in a great fun weekend on the Danish Island Bornholm is about 50 * 30 km and lies 1,5 hours by catamaran ferry from the swedish port of Ystad.
I was working with my friend Bobo in the the Electrolux food truck, I got called in late as expectations and volumes of guests expected at the Gudshjem food festival increased.
We were right in the middle of the food festival: Sol over Gudhjem - Kokkekonkurrence : the danish chef of the year competition, congratulations to the 2015 winner Morten Falk from Kadeau restaurant.

Gudhjem is famous for its traditional smørrebrød "open faced sandwich" Sol over Gudhjem: which literally translates to sun over gods home, The above picture is my interpretation of the sandwich we ate at the local harbour restaurant, we bought some smoked herrings at the food fair and I made this sandwich upon my return.

Smoked herrings bought from the local market, herrings would've been a food staple and source of income for the local fishermen, as Scandinavia has modernised they've gone of the market, I seldom see them on any menu.
these were fantastic the flesh was soft, juicy, smokey and delicious combined with the egg yolk, and other ingredients they made a fantastic sandwich.
Gudhjem lies on the east coast of Bornholm with its 500 yearly inhabitants is a small town with typical Danish-Scandinavain design. impressed were we by the picturesque quaintness of the local area Bornholm is a fantastic tourist destination, its a little of the beaten track but well worth a visit.

This little harbour shed shows the test of time and how local material was used.
A great weather vane at the local what more emphasises the heritage of a fishing village.

This is the Electrolux food truck featuring home appliances including their new steam oven and vacuum machine for home use, it worked fantastically: we served Bobo's Eueobean cuisine, cross over European/Caribbean food, it was much appreciated by the festival punters.

The line went on forever it kept going until the food ran out. We didn't get a chance to look at the cooking competition or enjoy Gudhjem's big day out. We had approximately 1000 guests, we didn't bother to count.


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