Sa Mandra, Sardinia Italy

Sa Mandra

Azienda Agtituristica

Sa Mandra agriculture tourism farm lies just outside Allegro on Sardinia's west coast, Sa Mandra is like an open air museum which gives a real insight into an extensive Sardinian farm house from a kitchen and food perspective, if you are interested in food, hospitality or an almost hands on Italian kitchen experience then Sa Mandra is an exceptional place.

An open fireplace in Sa Mandra's semi detached kitchen, the open fireplace is huge and extremely interesting to walk around and imagine how it worked and what each area was used for, the kitchen area is very detailed and decorated extensively with with period pieces and old kitchen equipment.
The baking oven with its pile wood,  

A long view of the kitchen, with another huge open fireplace, this one fully operational grilling dinner, suckling pigs

A closer pic of the pigs in action, they were later chopped up and served in smaller wooden troughs, they tasted great
The suckling pig, more rustic and traditional is not possible

Pecorino cheese served on a cork oak plattor with local Sa Mandra olives.

Sa Mandra promotes local product mostly which come from their own farm. slow food in its essence here you can turn back time and enjoy a dinner featuring diverse traditional ingredients. Even so Sa Mandra seems like a small quaint farmhouse it is a big restaurant operation with the focus being traditional on the plate.
we ate

an aperitif of vermentino sparkling with pecorino and olives

local charcrutrerie and ricotta

ravioli with seven herbs

Maarrones "local Pasta" with tomato and pecorino cheese

suckling pig with local vegetables
wild boar stew

local sweets- cakes

wine from the local Santa Maria la Palma

Mirto - a Sardinian digestif made from myrtle berries

and a good night was had by all.


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