Otrium Seven Seas Resort, Turkey

Otrium Seven Seas Resort

The Seven Seas Resort, right on the coast a few kilometers from Side.  

An early morning view of the walk from the main hotel building down the palm lined walkway which is the central path down to the beach where the Seven Sea's Mexican restaurant / night club and snack bar lie straight ahead.
Vitello Tonnato from Seven Sea's Mediterranean inspired Green & Grill restaurant, an experimental presentation we made together with the chefs from Seven Seas.

We also worked on the children's breakfast buffet, implementing more healthy alternatives, Bamse and his comic book friends are all part of the Blue Village concept.
A part of the bread buffet at Seven Seas, a big selection of different styles and tastes. Great to see Seven seas working with the new assortment of full corn and whole meal bread.
 Pisi: A local bread kneaded and torn and deep fried a great Turkish breakfast alternative, on the Seven Seas breakfast buffet every day.
Pictured is another speciality turkish bread "pita" baked every day direct on the buffet in the brick oven, Lavosh is another local treat and pizza with local cheeses are also featured regularly.


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