Baia di Conte, Sardinia

Baia Di Conte

The view from my balcony, the Baia di Conte resort lies in the national park a few kilometers outside of Allegro on Sardinia's west coast. Allegro is a great little Mediterranean city, small enough to walk around in and big enough to be interesting for the whole of your stay. 
The bay tree just outside the kitchen, we picked a few leaves to make a pannacotta and decorate the buffet with.

Great color, purple flowers no idea what they are called these and many other are featured in the extensive gardens around Baia di Conte resort. For the active there are a number of tennis courts and an old Roman ruin about 500 meters from the resort, all roman ruins are old, this one features lots of rocks the same as many others, it was probably really interesting.   

The view from the cliffs up the road, spectacular bluffs and cliffs A good hike from the hotel, or a short ride in an air conditioned comfort. 
 Newly baked foccacia and pizza from the pizza oven, delivered direkt from the oven to the buffet.

Parmesan cheese, not like the small vacuumed pieces we buy at the supermarket, Take as much as you like. 

The Pork fillet at Baia di Contes Green and Grill restaurant, served with apple jelly and rosemary jus, it tasted as good as it looks.


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