Grill and Barbecue world championships

The Grill and Barbecue world championship will be held in Gothenburg on the 13-14 of June
I will be competing in alla classes with the Barbecue Blues team, our team has direct qualified on past merits, for me this will be a first time in a Grill/barbecue cooking competition. I'm usually found all summer grilling up a storm in the back yard, so this shouldn't be much different, I hope to bring some restaurant perspective to our dishes and make them more interesting than just grills with BBQ sauce. Barbecue Blues team have had a couple of training meets, we've a few more planned before the competition day is upon us. here are a couple of our dishes we're working on technique and presentation, all our ideas will need to change again as the judging criteria isn't finalised yet but it is good to make a start.

Chicken- grilled 5 ways, crispy skin, pulled thigh, filled breast, stuffed wing and drumstick

Beef Brisket- barbecued for 11 hours at low temp. served with Texas honey BBQ sauce and horseradish gremolata 

Traditional home fare- grilled halibut with asparagus and lemon butter

Just some of our ideas, they'll change and be updated as we get nearer the competition dates.

Keep you posted.


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