Mai Khao Lak - Thailand

Mai Khao Lak beach resort and spa situated right on the Khao Lak beach, Mai meaning tree the resort being literally carved into the forest, even though there are other resorts reasonably close by the area seems so tranquil perfect for a resort get away, So I'm working, in the kitchen, checking, looking, helping, listening and giving advice, I didn't even get a swim

Mai Khao Lak is full of pathways and well kept gardens, this red flower? seems to be a local favourite, great splashes of colour alla around the resort

My room was very spacious with a balcony overlooking the resort, and as Mai Khao Lak resort is only two years old the rooms feature all the mod cons and then some.

The early morning picture along the beach shows just how tranquil and peaceful it is, the beach stretches just as far in the other direction.

Theres lots of fantastic food here to discover, I thought at first these three were a smoothie station on the breakfast buffet, but they are Thai breakfast beverages, to be served hot or iced, from the left.
Thai coffee,  Thai green tea and Thai an orange coloured tea, its a natural orange colour "no fruit"

I'm always on the lookout for ideas and best practices that I can pass on to my next assignment, beans and rice in the chaffing dish with the hard boiled eggs, a great heat conductor, as well as looking good and also important for the kitchen a cheap alternative.


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