Lasse Maja, christmas smorgasbord

Lasse Majas guest house in Barkaby just on the outskirts of Stockholm, this is where I have been working this past November and December. we're well on the way of passing the internal guest goal for the Jul season, it even looks like we'll break the all time high, just over 7000 guests.
Lasse Maja is the alias of silver thief and crook Lars Molin who was judged and whipped in the square just outside the restaurant entrance back in the early 1800's, the guest house is much older than that and is a destination in itself and a great example of how life used to be in a old Swedish staging stop.

The start of every Swedish christmas smorgasbord is always herrings we have a selection of 10 different herring and baltic herrings. accompanied with local cheese, hard bread and potatoes.

Herrings are followed by cold seafood traditional salmon dishes, stuffed eggs, fish roe, smoked fish. 

The third course is cold cuts, smoked and roasted game, pork, lamb, beef accompanied with pickles, sauces, mustard and dips.

Christmas ham is the pride of the Christmas table.
cold cuts are followed by the hot selection, Swedish meat balls, sausages, Janssons temptation, ribs served with cabbage, vegetarian alternatives and traditional dishes like lye treated lute fish and porb bullion with wort bread.

Sweets and desserts follow up which can often be a marathon sitting.


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