Liepaja - lettland

Leipaja - Lettland

I managed to get away on a little trip to Lettland, food and my normal interests were replaced with children's sport, but of course food is always of interest. Traveling with a children's sport club is very budget orientated, and my personal interests have to be toned down to suit the group, but it was very interesting to visit a city of which I probably would never have visited.

Pork escallop with tomato melted cheese, yellow sauce & sauerkraut. Luckily I'm an all eater, we had the same style of food every day, piccata, schnitzel, escallop - macaroni, rice, potatis- no taste not a lot of salt & peppar or finess, but it was very cheap, a higher price for some love and care for me would have been negotiable, but food for the masses at a set price was the order of the day.
we managed to find a little Italian restaurant called Bel Cibo where we ate one night, they had their ambitions, goals and stuck out their chin and said so.

I missed both the local market and farmers markets, but the supermarkets were full, not only full of signs but full of food of great quality so the locals certainly have a big selection to choose from. I wonder if they all can afford it.

  A street scene from Leipaja, one block from a main thoroughfare, I can't call it urban decay but there were an extreme amount of buildings that need massive renovation, the city tram goes through this suburb.
What city in this part of the world doesn't have such a statue, probably commemorating the resistance during the WW2.


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