Kasikara Ocakbasi Restaurant, Alanya - Turkey

Kasikara Ocakbasi Restaurant, Alanya - Turkey

Restaurant Kasikara was the venu for our traditional Turkish night our during the Food and Beverage congress in Alanya Turkey.
Kasikara is a local favourite, open all year round in a charter seaside resort reflects the authenticity of the restaurant, no michelin stars here but good wholesome tasting local specialities.

 Here's our long table of ca. 30 delegates we were loud and boisterous enough for the whole restaurant, great to let of some steam after our just completed conference. 

 The grill pit at Kasikara, this guy sat here all night turning his skewers, the tough guys could sit just behind the glass window, hot and smokey.

The mezze came out in an unending wave, be careful not to eat to much, its easily done, the local Effes brew suites the food down to a treat and goes down easily.

The grill platter with the Adana kebab in the middle and lamb chops liver and meat surrounding it, the adana kebab should be served on Pita like this one, even though they say its spicy you don't have to be afraid of it.

Kataifa pudding, "almost lika  roesti" local turkish cheese melted in the middle and served with sweetened pumpkin and crushed nuts, then of course swimming in sugar syrup, a little sweet for me but great to see how the traditional desserts are presented.

 Another local surprise, baked Halva, I always eat it as it comes, here they baked it, under the crispy skin it was hot and treacly. 


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