Rhodes-Atlantica Aegean Park

A quick visit to Blue Village Atlantica Aegean Park in Kolymbia on the Greek island of Rhodes
even though it is the middle of september and approaching Autumn, "in Sweden anyway" the weather was fantastic over 30 every day and comfortably warm both early in the morning and late at night.

My view from the hotel room, a view over the central pool area, great gardens and walkways around the central area, with restaurants, snackbars and bars scattered throughout. 

A side view of the popular swim up rooms with their own pool, swim up rooms are more and more popular, the ever present rock/mountain in the back ground, for the early risers with energy to spare.

 Down by the beach, a pebbly beach but fantastic clear water & great for snorkelling, I didn't get a chance for a swim, but I'm sure is was as warm as it looked.

The all inclusive buffet featured wide varieties of greek and international dishes, sauces, oils and condiments, something for everybody.

Our Lunch was coal grilled from the spit roast, marinated over night and grilling from breakfast time, the smell made me so hungry I had a Gyros as a starter.  

Tomato and tuna salad on the buffet, looked great 

Greek salad, how great can a classic be.
Thanks to all the team in Rhodes for a fantastic stay, hope to see you soon again.


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