Pascha Bay, Turkey

Blue Village Pasha Bay 

Pascha Bay Blue village lies directly on the beach 10 km west of Alanya. I was recently there in my role with Nepo Kitchen Consulting as Food & Beverage support: It was my first reconnaissance visit at a blue village property, luckily it won't be my last what a great holiday resort.

Pascha bay resort is a traditional Scandinavian targeted all inclusive charter destination, featuring big pools, a buffet restaurant servering, breakfast lunch and dinner featuring local Turkish dishes, world & Scandinavian favorits as well as weekly theme nights, an a la carte restaurant and a Turkish themed Tavern by the Sea, we ate al fresco at the Tavern, I just love the food from the eastern Mediterranean, it so suits the climate who'd want to eat something else in Turkey.

Big family rooms, with air conditioning, internet and all modern facilities, my room had a little kitchenette, if one was so inclined.
The gardens and parklands were luxurious, well appointed well looked after. the above picture is taken from the Tavern by the Sea, fantastic location. 06,30 in the morning, i had to have a look around before any guests woke, its all part of the job now. 

The mercury rose to 40 degrees while we were there I was so envious of all the guests enjoying their holidays, the above picture is of the pier, there's an open air cinema right on the end of the pier, what a cool idea.
Im glad I'm going back


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