Celebrating 70 years of business on the Swedish riviera.

 My period in Piteå at Pite-Havsbad has come to a close, a four month off season period that seen me progress from being employed to consultant with my own company, Nepo Kitchen Consulting, during the four months we've worked together overhauling ideas and concepts for the comming season. 

 A winter view from Skepet an adventure playground for the young and old alike, the beach and ocean view must look fantastic compared to the winter ice and snow

The new BBQ chicken tortilla is part of the healthy vibe going through the bistro grill meny, we included vegetarian and sallad alternatives as well as offering alternatives to standard sugar and deep fried bombs.

 We spruced up the buffet presentations, focusing on making them interesting, colourful and tasty and tying them in with the show theme, this feta cheese salad is from our show buffet

 Pulled pork wraps also from our show bufffet, with real meaty pieces of pulled pork, simple, tasty and easy

Grilled local Haloumi cheese fråm Skebogård upp here in the north, with roasted tomato coulis cherry tomatoes and peppered ciabatta chips, one of the vegetarian alternatives on our upcomming summer restaurant meny:



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