Comfort Hotel stockholm

Back to Stockholm and a new challenge at Comfort Hotel Stockholm,
create a simple lobby menu, implement it and train the receptionists to look after cook and serve from the little kitchen 

Good chark and olives with Västerbotten cheese onion marmelade and grilled focaccia,
great with a beer or glass of red wine in the lobby.

Shrimps on rye bread, standard fare in Scandinavia a big seller everywhere
shrimps, dill & mayonnaise flavour it up with some lemon juice, s&p, I don't chop my shrimps, I think that you have something to hide if you chop them finely, "cheap shrimps"
 Beef brisket BBQ served with BBQ sauce, pickled red cabbage and toasted jalapeno cheddar flat bread

gravad salmon cut in thick slices from the loin, served hot from the oven with new potato salad, dill, mustard and red onion, cucumber yoghurt dipp on the side. 

baked haloumi with roasted cocktail tomatoes, potato and fennel, The local Swedish Haloumi has improved in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years, this one with 100% jersey cow milk.

Portion desserts for simple presentation, lemon meringue pie.

Three chocolate mousses, theres always sombody in need of a chocolate boost.

Simplicity is the key word with this little menu, all served on eco friendly palm blads plates. 
Comfort Hotel Stockholm is a member of the Nordic Choice hotel Group.


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