gastronord restaurant trade fair

Some snaps from our recent gastrnord food and restaurant trade fair in Stockholm, four days of activities, competitions and exibitions, the Stockholm restaurant and Hotel industry steps up a notch with full houses every year, this year Sweden hosted the European Bocuse d'Or elimination competition. Our Swedish representative Tommy Myllimäki won the competition with his fantastic cooking and presentation, congratulations Tommy a well deserved win.


Kiln smoked Elk "eye of topside" from Johan i Hallen in Gothenburg,
great taste, easy to manage and work with. 

Alto shaams carving station, this unit sits on top of alto shaams cook and hold oven for easy transport and buffet soloutions, heat lamps from above and underneath, it looks great as well. 

Meat seemed to be a major feature of this years trade fair, this charcol grill had it all, robust in construction, reinforced ember holding chamber, two grilling areas with adjustable height options one of which specificly for skewers with adjustable width allowing for different skewer lengths, above and below vents & no electrics to go wrong.  

tried and true Berkel slicing maschine 

rotiserie oven it looked fantastic, great visual presentation

Pastry cases both sweet and savoury a new product coming to Sweden, by the attention they were getting it won't be long until everyone is using them, Werners Gourmet Services 

My friend Johan on the Rational stand, cooking up a storm.

Pulled pork sliders from BBQ chili co. they must've been the most popular give away

Kiln smoked beef "eye of topside" from Johan i Hallen in Gothenburg,
great taste, easy to manage and work with. 

Part of Werners Gourmet Service's fantastic assortment, showing among other things just how popular goose liver is among branch people.  

pastry cones from la rose noir


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