chicken shop, London

Chicken Shop 

Kentish Town

An uninspiring entrance with a take away bag knotted to the doorhandle, Hiding inside is one of Londons more popular take away restaurant concepts, spit grilled chickens roasted over the open embers. tasty and juicy eco friendly chickens, available in 1/4's 1/2's or whole birds, with accompaniments such as coleslaw, grilled corn, chips, BBQ sauce & salads served quickly at the table in enamaled bowls and plates, great chicken.
   The open kitchen with the spit roasts, one cook & one salad chef on the side, just chop it up and send it out, super effective.
The interior is decorated like an old fassioned country shop wood panneled with lots of drawers and refridgerated serving cupboards, big check tiles on the floor and jazz and blues from Americas south give the restaurant a friendly, vibrant and relaxed atmosphere.

The food is simple and tasty, quick and efficant, a constant cue of people waiting for both take aways and table service show how popular the chicken shop is. 


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