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Todays booty

Anyone looking for inspiration for new menu's, food products or stories to tell in their restaurants, then you should visit
Smakriket is an umberella organisation that brings together many small producers wishing to break into the consumer and restaurant market.
I visited "Sorunda Grönsakshallen" today researching and following a menu idea for a buffé suggestion we're working on, the buffé will feature many products from the north of Sweden ie. Lappland.
At Sorunda a fantastic vegetable "plus more & more" supplier in Stockholm, you can feel, see and taste these fantastic emerging products and att the same time get the low down on the stories behing the products, what a gold mine of inspiration.
The above is a little of todays booty, samples. Sure I'll put it on the menu and at the same time thinking & what else would I like to eat for dinner.    


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