handing over Clarion Sense, Luleå

Clarion Sense Luleå

My time as opening executive chef and hand over chef at Clarion Hotel Sense has come to a close, now at the end of January the F&B department is strong and competent.

Hard work and dedication are great ingredients to build a kitchen team on.

We were all thrown in at the deep end in November and had to fight our way through, today the kitchen & table restaurant at Sense is one of the more popular K&T concept restaurants in the Clarion chain, peaking on Friday and Saturday nights over 200 guests. Book early if you want a table. 

Working with somebody else's food concept and idea's was new and interesting idea for me, just goes to show one is never to old to learn something new if you're open and receptive.

The K&T concept is a great food focused fun dining experience, 

Thanks to all the F&B team for their support, dedication and hard work. 

Looking forward to my next challenge.   


  1. hope you can enjoy some time off before starting your next venture x


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