gang-plank sandwich; landgång


For Piteå Havsbads Grupp, hotel chain kick off we made a variation of the old fashion "landgång" sandwich, landgång translates directly to gang-plank, the idea is that you eat the sandwich ingredients it in the same order as you would eat a smorgasbord, A run of the mill landgång is normally served on a double length slice of toast bread.
We changed the presentation and reduced the amount of bread, it ended up as a kind of combo canapé presentation, it worked very well and was much appreciated, by the guests.

From right to left we have
Cumin gravad salmon on soured apple and celeriac salad
Shellfish salad- shrimps, oysters, mussels and Dublin bay prawns topped with marinated scallops
Root vegetable salad with yellow beets and radishes
Marinated loin of rein deer on västerbotten cheese and potato terrine, lingon berries
Slow roasted pork belly sandwich filled with apple and onion chutney
sweet potato cottage cheese and horseradish flat bread roll with cauliflower puré


  1. The flat bread sounds delicious! Hope you're keeping warm up there!!

  2. We had minus 30 for a week, I can't say I went out much, The kitchen & table restaurant is very busy, I think it's really positive that the locals are getting dressed up and paying us a visit.
    all the best in Tassie, Carla


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