Sweden - Austria at Friends Arena

Before the big match, this Friday 11th October:

A deciding match for both sides, a win is extremely important for advancement to footballs World Cop in Brasil next tear, we Australia have already qualified weather or no we can match it with Europe best second placed teams is only a matter of discussion and time.
We in the kitchen won't get to see much of the game. Friends Arena is sold out about 55000 spectators, all Arena restaurants are fully booked, our newly opened Hotel and all the restaurants are fully booked. We'll have about 60 cooks in for the day and we're looking to serve around 5000 three course and buffet meals, and about 20000 hot fast food units.
We're still looking for chefs if anyone is available, competent tradesmen and women that can stand the pressure.
I lived and worked in Vienna for a couple of years during the eighties its a long time ago, Vienna is a great city with lots of fond memories.
Ein schön gruss für unser freudne aus Österreich und viel spass bi uns in Stockholm.


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