Sweden-Faroe Islands

A big crowd, about 25000 people watched the match, 2-0 to Sweden I suppose a win is a win but I think many were disapointed.
Not a lot to report from the kitchen, it was hard to find information about traditional Faroe Island food, for important matches we usally feature traditional food from the visiting team. Whale and dolphin wouldn't be ethically accepted here in Sweden, and I,m pleased for that as well.
On the buffets we featured Scandinavian food such as shrimps and mussels, cod, rye and wholemeal breads, hard cheeses, lamb and sheep, horseradish & dill. we filled out the buffet and menus with seasonal local produce. Only about 1000 guests ate a served meal, the numbers were a bit dissapointing but but a good time was had by all.


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