raw food

Raw food

Raw food, working together & within a sports arena  means we get a lot of special food requests, allergie, special dietery requirements and gereral hotel food and beverage needs.

We've just had a raw food  training with Erica Palmcrantz, we're working on a conference alternative.
Morning coffee break "bottom right" linseed crackers, cashew nut and herb dip, nut dipp with berry jam and alfalfa.

Afternoon coffee pause "top picture" raw choklad brownie, dairy free berry and banana ice-cream with chocolate sauce, cashew nut cream, chocolate and avocado mousse, blueberry pie.

Smoothies, green smoothie with spinach & ginger and mango almond milk.

The food tasted great, we will need to do some work on the presentation, but thats all part of developing the concept. then we need to package and sell it.

I think everybody wants mentally to eat healthier food but nobody wants to order it, I hope I'm proved wrong.


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